The PhoenixFit Bag

From our name, the strength and renewal characteristics of a Phoenix is an inspiration for us that leads us to the creation of our product and what it stands for.


sample bag with logo 1

A compact designed that could carry 3 meals with removable dividers plus accessories without looking bulky. Great handle and reliable strap.
Thick and double insulation system with two ice packs that keeps the food fresh and cold. Has compartments for personal stuff. Microwave and Dishwasher friendly BPA free food containers. It is very functional that can be use in packing meals for outdoor activities/travels etc. Perfect for portion control diet.


1 thought on “The PhoenixFit Bag

  1. I love this product. It has been very helpful with keeping my husband on track of eating healthy while traveling. Very well put together. We actually ordered another one and once we showed my in laws, my father in law ordered one for while he works.

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